Cotto REF was found a long time ago in 1660. At 1 km form the marketplace of Impruneta, the city of Terracotta, Cotto REF preserves in its garden reproductions of statues, fountains and pots reproduced of the antique originals during the centuries. A collection of artistic terracotta items that is one of the most antique and prestigious in the world with more than 3000 items that represents at the best the human manual skills. This tradition is still alive thanks to the same accurately handmade work, where Cotto Ref has added modern techniques of extruded terracotta tiles for every type of design.    Via di Cappello, 26/4
   50023 Impruneta - Firenze
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An art of three centuries

In 1660 Angiolo Ricceri arrived in Impruneta, exactly in the small village Marsiliana. From there comes the famous Galestro clay and here he founded the company which would become famous all over the world as Antica Manufattura Ricceri d'Impruneta.
This Manufacture produced first hand made tiles and Florentine roof tiles and after a short time followed the splendid decorative terra cotta pots that reflected the superb manual skills of the 17th century. During the 18th century, these inimitable olive oil urns and terracotta lemon pots crossed the national border to decorate the gardens of royal palaces in Germany, France and England. The production of decorated terracotta items including statues, fountains etc. reached the top also thanks to the introduction of the splendid glazed majolica at the middle of the 19th century. In 1940, after having conquered the world markets, the manufacture becomes a joint-stock company and after a short period enters the family Brunori. During these years started the reconstruction of the precious collection of gypsum models and moulds with more than 3000 items that are reproduced still today. The particularity of the clay guarantees highest wear resistance, lowest water absorption and at the same time the material is forst proof and a product suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In 1996 Cotto REF was taken over by the new and actual owners, the Family Parretti. Due to their dynamic commercial experience, they gave Cotto REF a new direction, respecting the existing inheritance and long tradition of the company.